Manifest Your A$$ Off

Everything you need to know in order to be the best manifester you can be!

If You're Sitting on Your Rump on a Meditation Cushion, Wondering Why None of Your Affirmations Are Working, I Bet I Know Why...

It's time to manifest.

It's time to use whatever you believe the Universal Forces are to help you deliberately co-create a life that feels...on purpose (as opposed to just settling for any old job, partner, clients, friends, bank account).

Imagine this:

You're sitting in a first class seat, next to the dreamiest romantic partner you can imagine. You're sipping champers and reading texts (because, free in-flight wifi) from your hilarious best friend that are so funny the bubbly almost comes out your nose. Oops. You've been so busy making out with your dreamboat that you didn't even notice you received three PayPal notifications and two inquiries to work with you.

Sound dope?

When my client (and legit one of my favourite people on the planet) Lakisha and I met in New York, she was literally WORKING AT A STORAGE FACILITY. When she told me, my mouth dropped to the floor (I thought she was a lawyer. She'd just come from court and she had the cutest pink blazer on and she just radiated charisma like nobody's business).

Lakisha knew exactly what she wanted. With crystal clarity.

She wanted to quit the storage job (heretofore referred to by me as the Box Factory), move to LA and make her living in her own coaching business.

Does that sound like you? Maybe not the box job or even living in LA or having your own business. But I'd be willing to bet that you WANT something. Real bad.

I could taste how badly she wanted the things that she wanted, but my dear girl was paralyzed by floating deadlines and little to no aligned action.

While we were in NYC together (she literally had to come and collect me because I was lost the entire time I was there), I said to her:

"You're already solid on your mindset work (she was doing upwards of THREE HOURS A DAY of journalling and affirmations).

What you need to do is TAKE SOME ALIGNED ACTION"

Of course it's scary to do new things but...without taking that action, you're always going to be at the whims of other people's actions -- forever a human pinball.


Manifest Your A$$ Off

How to Become The Best Manifester You Know

What's Inside:

* 5 Modules

Each with two recorded videos and two worksheets

Designed to help you get your mindset straight, identify your true desires, remove any blocks you might have to creating the things you want, and TAKE. BOLD. ACTION.A


* 10 videos

* 10 downloadable worksheets

* Ongoing support in our Private FB Group - I'll personally look over any work you submit so you can stay accountable and on-track!

"I love having Erin in my life. I was stuck for a very long time and thanks to her loving ass kicking and teachings, I not only have changed my life but also changed my mindset. Having her on my side is the best decision I ever made"

- Jessica

You deserve the life you've always dreamed of. You deserve to create the things you say you want and not to procrastinate, play small, or settle.

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